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booking for a family from France

By: NGUYEN, France Posted: 2015-09-16



I hope to stay in you hotel 23/12 to 26/12.

We are 5 adults, 2 parents and 3 children 18, 20, 23 years old , 1 boy and 2 girls.

Have you some availability?

Thank you for your answer.

Best regards



Awsome place to stay in Baracoa....

By: Thomas Cruz, Poland Posted: 2011-08-27


We just sttod there 1 night as the plan we had was suddenly broken 'cause of the "not eatable food" in the casa particular we were supossed to ended up...well, late at night we started to search around and ended talking to the beautifull and gentle lady working at the bar all night, ca'nt remember her name but she did espectacular mojitos....Baracoa is just my love and this nice, small and awsome hotel makes it perfect to enhjoy the people around, music and all Baracoa has.


Hotel Encanto La Habanera, the atmosphere is agreeable and the hotel offers Internet service

By: cubaism Expert, United Kingdom Posted: 2010-04-10


Lofty ceilings assist air-conditioning in keeping things cool in the 10 bedrooms that surround an atrium courtyard, and four upstairs rooms open onto narrow balconies. Modest yet tasteful tropical-themed rattan furnishings and lively autumnal color schemes in the bedrooms contrast with simply colonial-style decor and clinical whites in public arenas. All rooms have lofty ceilings, plus two twin beds - so honeymooners should plan accordingly. Four rooms share a balcony over the plaza. Satellite TVs offer four international channels, and modern bathrooms sparkle.

The atmosphere is agreeable and the hotel offers Internet service and has a small bar and restaurant, plus pharmacy. Islazul does a good job of running its hotels and this place is no exception, offering good value for budget travelers.


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